Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Saga Army Showcase: Anglo Saxons

To continue on with my current enthusiasm for Saga (and after finishing my last warband), here is 6 Points worth of Anglo Saxons that i finished today ready to roll out and form up on the battlefield! I took about 4 points (with a little bit extra) worth of these guys from my Impetus collection but to round it out to 6 points without thinning the impetus army too much, I painted up another point of warriors (8 minis) and then another 2 figures in mail. So basically i've ended up with 1 Point of levy and 5 points of Warriors. However I've done it in a fashion were there is a good amount of mail wearing warriors that could easily be separated for a hearthuard unit or two. 

Shieldwall forming up!

 Warlord Stand.

 1 point of Levy armed with spear and shield.

 1 fresh point of Warriors

 Another point of Warriors

 The full 6 points in all its glory!

Most of the miniatures are Crusader Miniatures, they probably suit around 800AD onwards (to around 1066) so middle to late and could easily pull double duty as Anglo-Danes aswell... Mind I'd probably throw in some Dane Axes and possibly a kite shield or two if I went that route.

Cheers for looking, Happy gaming.


  1. Very nice work on the Saxons!

    1. Cheers Rodger, thanks for the kind words.

  2. Wow, very impressive shieldwall indeed!

    Well done on getting them completed.

  3. Cheers Dai!

    I've been riding a rare wave of "lets get some projects finished"!
    Thanks again and I'm glad you like them.

  4. Great looking warband, very nicely done!

    1. Thanks Jason, I look forward to getting a game in with the full 6 points soon!

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    1. Thanks Phil, mixed up earlier! Thanks for the kind words.