Monday, 30 November 2015

4pts Saga: Anglo Saxons vs Anglo-Danish

We managed to squeeze in another closely run 4 point game of Saga yesterday. Good action and some hate from the Dice Gods!
I played my newly finished Saxons with my son Phoenix once again taking control of the Anglo-Danes. 

We rolled up for a scenario and got; Sacred Ground!
Victory Points accumulate at the end of each turn for each of your figures inside any of the three terrain pieces.

I won the roll and deployed first with the warband configurations as follows

2x4 Hearthguard
2x8 Warriors

Anglo Saxons
2x10 Warriors
1x8 Warriors
1x4 Warriors

 Ravens eye view of the Battlefield. The terrain placer in the middle is not counted as a wood, we had to use a tree to hold it in it's place as the wind was blowing viciously this day.. A good omen for the Danes according to the lad.

 In the first two turns the Saxon Thegns used a combination of double move activations coupled with No Surrender to march into the centre terrain area.

 The Anglo-Danes on the East table edge manage to get into the woods before their Saxon enemies.

 As The Anglo-Dane Warlord and his Hearthguard reach the edge of the Centre terrain piece the Saxon Thegns charge forward while maintaining ranks!

 Being devout Defenders of the Realm and standing Shoulder to Shoulder, the Thegns manage to eliminate a whole unit of Hearthguard sending the Dane Warlord himself into a swift retreat the next turn!

 Along the East edge the 8 man unit of Saxon Thegns slowly advance towards the woods ahead.

 The Anglo-Danish Warlord barks orders from behind the ranks and his Warriors swiftly charge into battle. They run head on into the Saxon Thegns Shieldwall. The Saxon unit count after the initial fight with the Hearthguard had left them depleted and under strength however the men rallied with their Stout Hearts and the unit fought as though they were at full strength of 10+.

 The Anglo-Danes were once again repelled from the centre terrain piece but managed to take out 2 more Thegns for their troubles. 

As the turns rolled on the Saxon Warlord along with his 4 warriors managed to sit unopposed in the Western Woods. Phoenix realised he needed to eliminate them or at the very least get into one of the terrain areas to keep up with victory points.

 The battle for the Eastern Woods continued with both units going toe to toe each turn and both contributing nicely to their VP tallies. 

 On the 6th turn the Anglo-Danish Hearthguard pressed into the Western Woods to eradicate the Warriors and hopefully the cowardly Warlord with them!

In a fierce melee both units suffered two casualties, the Danish Hearthguard were pushed back but gathered themselves and charge in again! 

Defeat! Two pairs of Snake-Eyes vs double 6! The Anglo-Danish Hearthguard were miraculously slaughtered by the much inferior Saxon Warriors with what is easily the wildest dice rolling I've seen in some time!

That last melee took the (not so vicious anymore) wind out of the Anglo-Danish sails and there was no hope now to catch up on Victory Points...


Cheers for looking, Happy gaming.


  1. Looks fantastic! Nice bit of luck for the Saxons.

    1. Indeed Rodger, I couldn't believe the result on our last dice rolls!

  2. A great read, Nate! Very exciting play-by-play action and nice accompanying photos. And playing with your son, there's always a family winner!

  3. Thanks Dean, He's turning out to be quite the Warlord!