Thursday, 5 January 2012

Battle of Brunanburh Map

Here's the deployment map I've decided on for my Battle of Brunanburh project this year. After reading a few different texts on the subject I've decided to lean heavily on Ian Heath's description in WRG Armis of the Dark ages, while also adding a splash of other opinions in regards to terrain/location and size etc.

Both armies form up as follows; The Mercians and a small contingent of Norse mercenaries on the left facing the Scots & Welsh, and on the right is King Athelstan's forces facing the Norse Irish/Vikings under the command of Olaf Guthfrithsson.

Some source's say the forces where facing the opposite opponents than listed above (Mercians v Norse Irish, West vs Scots &welsh etc), but I'm happy with what we've decided on and cant wait until we can fight this out on the table! After all not a great deal is known about this particularly bloody battle.

I've got to finalise the Army lists with Gavin for both Impetus and Piquet (and for a lighter game perhaps Kings of War) and will post them upon completion.

At the moment I have pretty much purchased all the mini's for my Saxons which are a mix of Black Tree, Crusader, Foundry and Musketeer, all of which mix very well together.

More progress to come over the next few weeks.


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