Saturday, 24 November 2012

15mm WWII (FoW) - Late War British Rifle Company

My (very) slow build Flames of War British Rifle Company is now done. I've built it to a point where i can swap a few units about as desired so it doesnt get too stale to play with. I've now got both a British and a German army based and painted for Flames of War  (both at around the 1750 - 2000 point mark) and I'm happy to leave it at that for now. 

Painting styles used were; Drybrushing, Heavy washes over block painting, and Army painter on the 25 pounders and the objectives ( i got very lazy towards the end!!) This project was more of a chore than any ive done before, I'm glad i stuck with it and am pleased with the results. I'm now looking forward to pushing this force around the table.