Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Saga Army Showcase: Pagan Rus

According to the Primary Chronicle,  The Rus Kingdom emerged around the middle of the ninth century after Scandinavian, Finn, Balt and Slavic tribes agreed to invite Three Varangian Princes to come rule after years of unrest and tribal fighting. They had in fact drove the Varangians back "beyond the seas"  some years earlier when they rallied together and refused to pay tribute to the raiding Varyagi (Vikings).

Two of the three Princes died shortly after their arrival leaving Rurik who settled at Novgorod to unite the local tribes and towns. He done so with great tact and ambition and managed to forge a dynasty that would rule Russia right into the Middle Ages...


I chose the Pagan Rus as my next saga faction (my first faction was Welsh) due to wanting 3 things..
1. A Badass looking Warlord
2. Awesome figures to surround him
3. A Warband that played completely different to the Welsh

The Pagan Rus ticked all those boxes so i jumped online to the War and Peace Webstore (Australia's finest online Miniatures store) and snapped up the 4 point starter box, as well as an extra blister each of Varjazi (Hearthguard) and Militia (Warriors) to make up a 6 point warband.

It took me a fair amount of time to put paint to mini with this project due to a number of things. My work schedule, time with the wife and kids etc. etc. 
I finally managed to start these guys about two months ago. Painting very small amounts here and there when managed to scrape together some spare time but most importantly the desire. I wanted to do the models justice but just couldn't give them the time they deserved... Well, that all eventually turned around (as it normally does) and this Project picked up momentum and then some! The models took to brush beautifully and i really enjoyed getting them done.

So, here we are, my 6 point Pagan Rus Warband led by a Badass Warlord!

 Warlord flanked by a unit of his faithful Varjazi

 Slav Militia

A unit of Levy 

 All three points of Varjazi by the side of their Khagan!

 The full 6 Points in all its glory

Ready for battle!

Togther, we stand like Bears!

I'm very proud of this Warband as I hadn't put this much time and effort into my painting for quite some time. I feel refreshed, pleased with the result and eager to sink my teeth into my Infinity project in the next few weeks.

 Banner by Little Big Men Studios (via War and Peace)
Paints used were a mix of P3, Vallejo and Games Workshop.

Cheers for looking, happy gaming.


  1. Really like how these came out. The extra details like striped and patterned trousers and beautiful shield designs really make them pop.

    Is interesting to see that many of the sculpts are also used in GB's Jomsviking range.

    1. Cheers Dai, It was definitely a refreshing batch of figures to get me back on the painting horse.

      I did notice that myself when trying to decide on which faction to go with. I could probably get away with using them with the jomsviking board too in that case..

  2. Fantastic and formidable warband, Nate. The rectangular shields really set them apart from other Norse.

  3. Hey thanks Dean. I'm pretty stoked with these guys. I've managed to use them once so far and guided them to victory.. I should retire them undefeated before the dice gods start playing their usual tricks on me! But no, there is yet more blood to be spilled!

    Thanks for checking them out.