Sunday, 25 March 2012

28mm Saxons

The newest recruits to the Saxon army I am building for the Battle of Brunanburh project. It will be our big end of year game.

I painted these guys last night using mainly drybrushing and simple layering (2 layers) with the occasional highlight. I have a large amount of these to paint this year so the aim is to use quick and simple techniques that look good en masse and only going back to correct major botches.. I can live with the small ones and the occasional crazy eyes!

The figures are from Crusader.

Thegn Unit, painted and ready for basing;

These will be based on either 120 x 60mm bases or two 60 x 60mm  bases for Impetus/Basic Impetus. This basing will also let me use them for Piquet.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

High Elves - Prince on Griffon

I forgot to add these photo's the other day with the other High Elves;

The newest member of my HE army is the High elf Prince mounted on a Griffon. The figure is from the Island of Blood set.

High elves are on hold for a short while now as I need to work on some Saxons for my Brunanburh project and also need to get some skaven done for my son.

Monday, 19 March 2012

High Elves - Swordmaster Unit.

Here's my fresh Swordmaster Unit, all figures are the Island of Blood ones. I picked the figures up dirt cheap off eBay along with some other IoB stuff  (both High Elves and Skaven). The IoB stuff always seems to go really cheap on Oz eBay, I guess maybe because they're mostly 1 or 2 piece mini's they dont lend themselves to conversions... Suits me fine!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Island of Blood Mage

I had a camera issue last month which prevented me from posting anything new to the blog. The camera is fixed now and I have started to take some snaps to add here over the next week or so.
I've been working on a few different projects with good progress made on the Saxons, High Elves and some Flames of War.

More pictures to come this week.