Thursday, 22 March 2012

High Elves - Prince on Griffon

I forgot to add these photo's the other day with the other High Elves;

The newest member of my HE army is the High elf Prince mounted on a Griffon. The figure is from the Island of Blood set.

High elves are on hold for a short while now as I need to work on some Saxons for my Brunanburh project and also need to get some skaven done for my son.


  1. Fantastic painting - really looks like it is flying. Best, Dean

  2. Nate, I'm ashamed of myself :o( it seems I have miss out visiting your blog. I love your Prince on Griffon model/figures... just brilliant painting!

    1. Thanks phil! This was done a while ago. I simply do not have the time to paint as slow and meticulously as i used to. I'm very proud whenever i manage to get this guy on the table though!