Saturday, 11 May 2013

Basic Impetus: Ayyubids

Finally, I've managed to base my Ayyubid army for Basic Impetus. These guys will be in action in the next week or so against my Crusaders. The Basic Impetus army list is as follows;

AYYUBID (Saladin) XII-XIII (VDT=19/10)
3CM(*)10513Mamluks - composite bow B
1CM10422Kurds or Syrians
1CL12312Beduins can be on camels
2CL12412Turcomans - composite bow B
1T6302Sudanese - short bow A
1FL8402Kurds - javelin

All the figures are from Legio Heroica's Holyland Range and are really well detailed. I purchased the pre-made Basic Impetus packs for both armies and now my 15mm BI 3rd Crusade project is complete.