Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get those Schematics! ... A small Bolt Action Game

Not much gaming lately, heading into Christmas means busy times in the Butcher Shop. I had played a handful of games of Bolt Action at the local games club QNK. I found the game fun and was very happy to be able to have a quick game with my brother a few weeks back...or months.. We played a nice basic scenario in that i was required to get my Brits to the Bren Carrier, hold it for a turn to recover some vital Schematics, and get back off the tables edge to safety. All while being hassled by the Germans.

It was a real nice day, and lots of fun was had. I managed to win the mission on its final turn, and my Brother thoroughly enjoyed his first foray into BA (can go check out his blog for more gaming exploits!). Unfortunately the only shots i have on-hand to share are from my/the Brits perspective. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fistful of Lead - The Return of Lucky Nate West!

Today my Uncle, Brother and I got together at my Uncles house for a Western Gunfight. It had been well over 10 years since we last played a Western together and in that very last game,  the Outlaw, Lucky Nate West (me!) narrowly escaped the law by jumping from the roof of the saloon, mounting up and riding away with what was presumed to be fatal injuries and never to be seen again.....Until today!

The Scenario was that Nate West and his gang had just robbed the National Bank and had two points of escape; Get back to the stable where Stumpy was watching the horses, or get to the other end of town and catch the Midday train. The Robbery went smooth but the escape was quickly foiled when the Deputy Sheriff was on his rounds, passing the Bank just as the Gang was about to make a break for it..He raises the alarm and starts shooting!...things went downhill, fast!

A massive Gunfight quickly erupted and The Nate West Gang was apprehended by the Sheriff and his Deputies, All but Nate West were shot dead. West was arrested and and sentenced to hang in two weeks. The body of the Phoenix Kid (the youngest of West's gang) was not recovered....

Will this be the last we see of Lucky Nate West?.... stay tuned.

We used a great, easy to learn set of Rules written by Jaye Wiley called "Fistful of Lead". I highly recommend these as a fun and fast paced set of Gunfight rules and would imagine they'd be perfect for conventions etc.

Cliffton Valley

 The Mexicans arrive on the scene in a bid to intercept the West Gang and take the loot!

 The Sheriff springs from his slumber, grabs his pistol and heads into the fray.
A young boy sees the shoot-out at the bank and runs screaming down the street. 

 Lucky Nate West turns and kills the pursuing young Deputy just minutes before he passes out from wounds and is arrested.

For a few more shots and a great write up of the games events check out The Lucid Gaming site.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Saurian Safari!

With School Holidays upon us we organised a game of Saurian Safari! for the kids. My Brother and his two daughters where up against myself, my Son and my Daughter in an adventure to collect some rare plant seeds for their respectable employers!  Here's a few shots of the game which made for a fun day. Luck was with me this day, and my team of adventurers made it back to the boat with the most seeds.  For the full write up and more photos you can visit the Lucid Gaming blog

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Basic Impetus: Ayyubids

Finally, I've managed to base my Ayyubid army for Basic Impetus. These guys will be in action in the next week or so against my Crusaders. The Basic Impetus army list is as follows;

AYYUBID (Saladin) XII-XIII (VDT=19/10)
3CM(*)10513Mamluks - composite bow B
1CM10422Kurds or Syrians
1CL12312Beduins can be on camels
2CL12412Turcomans - composite bow B
1T6302Sudanese - short bow A
1FL8402Kurds - javelin

All the figures are from Legio Heroica's Holyland Range and are really well detailed. I purchased the pre-made Basic Impetus packs for both armies and now my 15mm BI 3rd Crusade project is complete.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Basic Impetus: Crusaders

I've now finished basing my 15mm Crusader army for Basic Impetus. The army list is as follows;

LATER CRUSADERS XII-XIII Sec. (VDT=14/7 or VDT=15/8 with option)
Nr Type M VBU I VD Notes
1 CP(*) 8 8 5 3 Military Orders
1 CP(*) 8 7 5 3 Knights and Sergeants
1 FP 5 6 1 2 Military Orders
2 FP 5 4 1 2
2 T 6 3 0 1 crossbow B
Change 1 T Unit with Military Order crossbowmen
Nr Type M VBU I VD Notes
1 T 6 3 0 2 Military Orders - crossbow A

All figures are from Legio Heroica's Holyland range and are greatly detailed for 15's. I bought both the Crusader and the Ayyubid army packs as a cost effective way to get two basic armies onto the battlefield. I couldn't be happier. Postage to Australia was reasonable and as mentioned before in another post, anyone from Oz looking to get some miniatures from Legio Heroica really should do so, they have outstanding international service.

I've just got to finish basing the Ayyubids and will post up their list and a few pics before the first battle.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Saxons!, On to Brunanburh!

I've finally managed to get the Anglo Saxon army finished (although i still may add a couple more units!) for our Impetus and Piquet game's coming up this Easter.  The figures are mainly Crusader with a few other manufacturers in there as well. I will probably throw together a camp and a command stand (or two) with the left over figures that I have. The Army (which has been scaled down) represents the forces of King Athelstan and his brother Edmund who fought a combined Norse-Celtic army led by Olaf Guthfrithson at the Battle of Brunanburh in 937.

I do have to say cheers to Matt from Storm and Conquest, I picked up the start of this army from him and he also helped get a few more units together. Go check out his Blog for more historical goodness!