Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get those Schematics! ... A small Bolt Action Game

Not much gaming lately, heading into Christmas means busy times in the Butcher Shop. I had played a handful of games of Bolt Action at the local games club QNK. I found the game fun and was very happy to be able to have a quick game with my brother a few weeks back...or months.. We played a nice basic scenario in that i was required to get my Brits to the Bren Carrier, hold it for a turn to recover some vital Schematics, and get back off the tables edge to safety. All while being hassled by the Germans.

It was a real nice day, and lots of fun was had. I managed to win the mission on its final turn, and my Brother thoroughly enjoyed his first foray into BA (can go check out his blog for more gaming exploits!). Unfortunately the only shots i have on-hand to share are from my/the Brits perspective. 

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