Wednesday, 31 December 2014

More Welsh for the Saga Warband..

Today I've managed to finish painting some more figures to bolster my Welsh warband for Saga. I've got enough painted figures now to give myself some options right up to 6pts. I'll have even more options in a few weeks as my brother gave me a pack of Hearthguard for Christmas. (Cheers mate!) You should go check out his blog here.
I decided I wanted another choice for a Warlord so I went ahead and grabbed a Mounted Welsh Warlord. For further options I painted up 8 Mounted Teulu (Hearthguard) as well as adding another 8 Priodaur (Warriors) to my collection. 
Anyone in Australia (or NZ for that matter) looking to stock up on anything Saga related should definitely check out War and Peace Games. These guys are fast and very reliable. I purchased all these figures on a Monday and they were on my doorstep by Wednesday arvo! (And then on my painting pile for the bulk of December....)

A few shots

I'll put a couple of photos up of the whole Warband tomorrow. Happy New Years to all, thanks for checking out the blog and all the best for 2015!