Saturday, 12 January 2013

Basic Impetus: Crusaders

I've now finished basing my 15mm Crusader army for Basic Impetus. The army list is as follows;

LATER CRUSADERS XII-XIII Sec. (VDT=14/7 or VDT=15/8 with option)
Nr Type M VBU I VD Notes
1 CP(*) 8 8 5 3 Military Orders
1 CP(*) 8 7 5 3 Knights and Sergeants
1 FP 5 6 1 2 Military Orders
2 FP 5 4 1 2
2 T 6 3 0 1 crossbow B
Change 1 T Unit with Military Order crossbowmen
Nr Type M VBU I VD Notes
1 T 6 3 0 2 Military Orders - crossbow A

All figures are from Legio Heroica's Holyland range and are greatly detailed for 15's. I bought both the Crusader and the Ayyubid army packs as a cost effective way to get two basic armies onto the battlefield. I couldn't be happier. Postage to Australia was reasonable and as mentioned before in another post, anyone from Oz looking to get some miniatures from Legio Heroica really should do so, they have outstanding international service.

I've just got to finish basing the Ayyubids and will post up their list and a few pics before the first battle.


  1. Marvelous army! The figures and basing are both first class. Best, Dean

  2. Wonderful Impetus army! Looking forward to your battle report!

  3. Thanks guys, looking forward to a game with these hopefully this weekend.

  4. This army is so stunning love them, well done ... awesome!