Thursday, 10 January 2013

Saxons!, On to Brunanburh!

I've finally managed to get the Anglo Saxon army finished (although i still may add a couple more units!) for our Impetus and Piquet game's coming up this Easter.  The figures are mainly Crusader with a few other manufacturers in there as well. I will probably throw together a camp and a command stand (or two) with the left over figures that I have. The Army (which has been scaled down) represents the forces of King Athelstan and his brother Edmund who fought a combined Norse-Celtic army led by Olaf Guthfrithson at the Battle of Brunanburh in 937.

I do have to say cheers to Matt from Storm and Conquest, I picked up the start of this army from him and he also helped get a few more units together. Go check out his Blog for more historical goodness!


  1. Impressive and beautifully painted horde! Best, Dean

  2. good one!

    great to see a fellow aussie as mad as I am!