Thursday, 18 August 2011

Warhammer Skaven

After we (the family and I) recently moved home to Queensland from Victoria we sadly discovered a whole box of wargaming figures and terrain went missing..A massive chunk of my Dwarfs, my Son's Skaven and Imperial Guard and a number of other things all vanished. My Son really liked his Skaven so we've decided to rebuild. Thanks to a recent birthday gift from his Great Uncle we've got a nice start to the new Army. Here's a few shots of his new Packmaster with Rat Ogres. He was also given a unit of clanrats which i just need to base up and do the movement tray.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Late War British Rifle Company

One of the absolute favourite games down at my local club (QLD Northern Knights) is Flames of War. Being new to FoW i’ve taken a fair amount of time deciding on which way i want to go army wise. First off I plan on building a British Rifle Company for late war using the Fortress Europe intelligence handbook. The following list is more or less a Vanilla starting point that with added extras would be roughly 1500 points and can easily have units added to round it up for larger games.
Command team + Jeep
Rifle Platoon w/ 3 Rifle squads. (Command team, PIAT team and Light Mortar team included)
Rifle Platoon w/ 3 Rifle squads. (Command team, PIAT team and Light Mortar team included)
Rifle Platoon w/ 3 Rifle squads. (Command team, PIAT team and Light Mortar team included)
**each rifle squad = 2 bases of Rifle/MG **
Armoured Platoon ~ 3x Sherman (including 1x Firefly VC) all armed with .50 cal AA MG’s
Armoured Platoon ~ 3x Sherman
Field Battery, Royal Artillery ~ Two Gun Troop w/ 4 25pdr Gun sections x2 (8 guns total) – obs team + command included
I've just about finished all the Rifle Platoons, so will post some photos in the next few days.

Iron Warriors

Heres a few snaps of my WIP Iron Warriors army for Warhammer 40k. This particular project is more or less a side project i add to very sporadically. I’m not really trying to build anything too competitive, just whatever takes my fancy really. Warhammer 40k is one of the more popular games down at the Northern Knights so i intend to grab a couple of pick-up games in the not so distant future. I generally use the most basic techniques when painting; drybrushing and using washes. This would have to be my favourite way of getting tabletop quality miniatures ready to play in a reasonable amount of time. This may not be “the best” way of painting and i’m admittedly not the greatest when it comes to a steady hand, but i find its good enough for my taste. (beats gaming with undercoated/unpainted minis anyday!)

I’ve got a unit of 10 Marines on the Assembly table that i’m going to split into two groups of 5 Chaos Chosen. I’m just trying to scratch together a few more Melta-guns at the moment, then onto the painting table.