Friday, 7 December 2018

SAGA v2: Irish vs Welsh

I had my niece up for the day today and she brought her Irish warband with her for a game against my Welsh. After flicking through the new Book of Battles, we settled on the Tale of Challenges scenario.
Pretty cool scenario in my opinion. After set-up but before deployment each player gets to issue challenges to their opponent from the table provided in the book. There are 12 challenges all up and each has a x/x point system (ranging from 3's to 8's) where if you fulfil the challenge you get to add x to your total, but if you fail to fulfil the challenge you deduct x from your total. So you need to think very carefully about which challenges you issue because if you fail them, it can swing the game out of reach, even if you were ahead on massacre points.

A 6 point game with the lists as follows:


1x Warlord
1x Priest
3x Mounted Hearthguard
1x Warriors
1x Levy w/bows

1 Warlord
2x Hearthguard
1x Irish Wolfhounds
3x Warriors

crows eye view

 Irish battle line

 Welsh centre

 gotta have faith...

 CHARGE!  ..after peppering with javelins of course..


A fun game finishing up on turn 5 with a decisive victory to my Welsh. Arwen wasn't able to fulfil any of her challenges and I was able to fulfil both of mine adding to an already hefty massacre point score.
I was really impressed with how she went about the game tactically and was even more impressed with how neat her painting has become. A formidable Warlord in the making that will only get even more fierce with more games under the belt. My brother's Vikings better watch out!


  1. Great looking game and figures, Nate. How wonderful to have family to enjoy the hobby with. A niece no less!

    1. It really is nice to have family to share the hobby with, I'm very fortunate there. I'll enjoy the wins while I can still get them!
      Thanks heaps for stopping by, Dean.