Sunday, 25 March 2012

28mm Saxons

The newest recruits to the Saxon army I am building for the Battle of Brunanburh project. It will be our big end of year game.

I painted these guys last night using mainly drybrushing and simple layering (2 layers) with the occasional highlight. I have a large amount of these to paint this year so the aim is to use quick and simple techniques that look good en masse and only going back to correct major botches.. I can live with the small ones and the occasional crazy eyes!

The figures are from Crusader.

Thegn Unit, painted and ready for basing;

These will be based on either 120 x 60mm bases or two 60 x 60mm  bases for Impetus/Basic Impetus. This basing will also let me use them for Piquet.


  1. Nice one!
    I based my 28mm Dark Ages figs individually for Skirmish game, but on magnetic bases so I could have the flexibility of mass basing them on a metal army tray for other rule sets

  2. hmmm, now you've got me thinking... I'll give it some thought before the weekend. Cheers

  3. These are the ones I used and I'm very happy with them:

  4. Nice work! Love the shields.

  5. Nate:

    Sorry I missed this post earlier; beautiful painting and terrain - love the vibrant shield patterns. Dean