Monday, 16 November 2015

Dropzone Commander: Starter Game

I went for a visit down to my Brothers today and he put on a quick starter game of Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames. He's building a nice collection of each faction at the moment and the cityscape terrain along with board itself looked pretty cool.

We used the started box set with my Brother playing The Scourge and myself guiding the United Colonies of Mankind. The game mechanics were easy to pick-up and by the second turn I was pretty confident in using the quick reference sheet and Army specific printout I was given. I had no real idea on tactics or strategy so just went ahead and got stuck in! The shooting is nicely done, deadly if done right and most Dropships, Vehicles and Infantry give you a couple of gun options to choose from throughout the game. I'm a big fan of being able to shoot down the buildings too!

Here's a few shots of the game. My Bother managed to grab the objective off the left hand building and make it off the board ensuring victory.

 Turn one I decided to push up and "drop" my units down to the battlefield straight away. 

 The Scourge grab an early game objective!

 I did manage to nab the objective from the centre building however my designated troop carrier got blown to pieces and I had to try and leg it off the table on foot!

 The Infantry duke it out in the building while my Anti tanks take position.

I got my Infantry out of the building but 2" a turn was not going to get me off the table edge... It did however put me in prime position for the Scourge footsloggers to take pot-shots at me from the top of a building! It all ended pretty quick after that.  

Overall a cool concept and a cool game. I'll consider grabbing a faction of my own in the new year but for now will just have to use some of the Brothers collection! 

Cheers for looking, Happy gaming.

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