Sunday, 1 November 2015

Infinity, Bolt Action and Saga, Oh My!

I've been a little busy (as per usual) of late and the hobby had to take a back seat.
But.. I've got more time now it seems but most importantly, I have my mojo back!

I've got a few projects about to start up, carry on and finish up so will be updating the blog a bit more for the rest of the year.

First off; Infinity. Yes I know I'm pretty late to this party. Having seen the game played on and off over the years and being interested enough, I never took the plunge. This all changed when my Brother brought his Operation Icestorm set over the other week and we played through the scenarios from start to finish. Wow! The game has to be one of the more "organic" feeling games I've ever played. We've not even scratched the surface on the full rules but I'm already finding myself wanting more! So, after careful consideration I've settled on building a sectorial force from the Ariadna faction; Caledonian Highlanders. Awesome figures and seem to suit my style of gaming. I've ordered up from the Combat Company here in Australia. These guys rock. Fast and reliable every time.

 Can't wait to paint these highlanders...Especially Connor MacLeod!!
 More Highlander goodies. 

I'm also wrapping up another project while I'm at it. This is the last unit of my British Army for Bolt Action. These guys have been basecoated, dipped, and are now awaiting a few highlights before the basing is done to finish them off. I chose to Dip this particular army due to the drab scheme, i think it suits them and makes quick work of them. The latter of which was important to me because i started this project when I was burnt out from painting and really couldn't put a great amount of work in. They still come up nicely enough on the tabletop.

And Finally, a project which helped bring the joy back to  painting after a rather lengthy time off.. My Pagan Rus Warband for Saga is just about done. Beautiful miniatures from gripping beast, these guys really made painting fun again. I'll post an army post about these guys in the near future once I've done some finishing touches. For now I'll just leave you with a picture of my favorite model from the range. The Warlord himself, I honestly think the colour scheme gripping beast used on the Rus looked stunning and tried to stay as true as i could to examples on their website. This miniature was the deciding factor when i was choosing my 2nd faction for Saga and I'm glad i chose them. They really are a very pretty warband to behold and were a treat to paint!

Cheers for stopping by.

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