Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kings of War 800 points - Dwarfs vs Ratkin

I had a small game of Kings of War with my daughter this morning to try out Version 2 of the rules. An 800 point battle with her Dwarfs up against against my Ratkin (complete with new DIY movement trays).

I didn't have time to write a battle report as we had my 1 and a half year old son scouting the table waiting for us to get distracted. It was then he pounce on any figures or dice close to the table edge!
It was a great little game that went back and forth over about 6 turns before the pressure built so much that her poor Dwarfs routed from battle in quick succession. Even though it was a rather small game I did find that the rules seem a little smoother. They are written very clearly and play at a good pace. I feel that Deployment will be very important now with a good strategy behind it.

Heres a few snaps of this mornings game and I eagerly await my next chance to get some Kings of War action!

 Overview before the battle

 I'm using some of my Poison Wind Globadiers as a Weapons Team. 

 Berserker Lord has no other choice but to be charged by the Horde of Ratkin Warriors
 A handful of dice seals his fate and he is no more 

Cheers for looking, Happy Gaming.

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