Sunday, 29 November 2015

4pts Saga: Anglo-Danes vs Pagan Rus

Another game of Saga during the week. Anglo Danes (Phoenix) vs Pagan Rus (me). We rolled up for our scenario and got; Clash at the Ford

Here's a quick breakdown.

Anglo Danes
2x4 Hearthguard
2x8 Warriors

Pagan Rus
2x4 Hearthguard
2x8 Warriors

Ravens eye view. We had to shorten the table size just a little bit.

The Pagan Rus starting on the East.

The Anglo Danes moving forward from the West.

The first few turns saw the Pagans move very hastily towards the River, the Hearthguard gaining fatigue in the process. As they approached the River the Danes let out a battle cry to Intimidate the Rus.

Once the Ford was crossed the battlefield was taken by The Great Winter and some of the Danes became Frozen

The Danes held their ranks awaiting a charge from the Pagan Rus, using the Saga Dice heavily on Melee abilities in preparation. However the Pagan Rus Warlord suddenly burst forward from the ranks and let his Eastern Anger rain down from the skies! A bold move that would take a total of 6 Anglo Danish Hearthguard to their graves.

Capitalizing on the Rus Warlord being out in the open alone Phoenix charged in with his Warlord and a Hearthguard followed his leader into the fray. The Rus Warlord held his ground and pushed back the Danish menace! By this time the game had slipped away from Phoenix, with not enough turns left to make it over the Ford and both paths to do so heavily camped now with Pagan Rus.

He threw down a challenge to have our Warlords, already brused and battered to clash in a 1v1. 
I of course accepted!

So, once more into the Fray the Pagan Rus Warlord mustered his strength and lurched forward.

With a clash of steel the two went at it furiously... And then...

They struck each other down simultaneously, leaving it all, life and limb on the field of battle...

Victory to the Pagan Rus

Another great game, Phoenix is trying a few different factions to get a feel for which suits his playstyle. Despite the landslide result in this game i think he did really well with the Anglo Danes and was using the Battleboard very well.

Cheers for looking, Happy gaming.


  1. Excellent report Nate and wonderful photos too!

  2. Great report Nate,.Real sense of the game and excellent pictures throughput.
    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks Ross, I'm glad you liked it. It was a good little game this one, a very even fight.