Thursday, 29 December 2011

Plans for 2012

This year i didn't make a great deal of progress due to moving and buying a new house, but now that all is settled I've managed to lock in my projects for next year. Here are the 3 majors for 2012, followed by my additions to existing armies and 'finish offs' for current projects.

  • 28mm Peninsular War, large scale skirmish - Perry, Victrix and Front Rank are the likely figures to be used. Sharp Practice by TFL looks to be the early contender for rules at this stage but I'm open to any suggestions? I'm wanting about 30 - 100 figures per side.

  • 28mm Battle of Brunanburh - Using Impetus and Piquet as the rules of choice. 17-18 Units per alliance, I'll be mustering the Saxons for battle while my Uncle and gaming buddy Gavin Shanks will be collecting the Northern Kingdoms. Army sizes will be roughly 17 - 18 units per side and at this stage about 12 figures per basic unit. I've already got a great start to my army after picking up some lovely figures from Matt over at Storm and Conquest (thanks mate!)
  • 15mm 3rd Crusade - Using the free Basic Impetus rules found here and thanks to Giuseppe from  Legio Heroica, I now have enough of his buetiful "Holyland" range to build each Basic Impetus list for the Ayyubids and Crusaders  respectively. The army lists can be found here. For anyone down here in Australia thinking about ordering from Legio Heroica I can highly recommend them, Giuseppe has to be one of the best traders I've ever dealt with in the industry and postage is very reasonable.
  • 15mm WW2 for Flames of War - Finish off the British Rifle Company and touch up and re-base a German Grenadier Company.
  • 28mm Fantasy - Continue on with the High Elves, Skaven, Dwarves and Ogres.
  • Warhammer 40k - Continue on with the Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines and the Tau armies.
  • 28mm Pirates - finish painting my crews from Black Scorpion for Legends of the High Seas.
Overall I think it's pretty manageable, of course there will be the inevitable side-project that rears its ugly head but I'm still pretty confident that I'll be able to complete these projects before the end of 2012... or the world according to some...

Happy New Year!


    1. That's a lot of work for 2012, good luck with the new and old projects, I never make a plan, somehow they never quite make get finished!!!

    2. Thanks Ray, Looking forward to keeping up to date with your blog this year. Hopefully i can stick to the plan and get the bulk of this done, its early days yet!


    3. sounds like you have your hands full!
      I must admit for 28mm dark ages I am WAB all the way