Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tau Empire

A couple of snaps of my Tau Army for 40k. I've only started this army this year and haven't had a game with it yet, but am looking forward to using them as they'll give a completely different game than my Iron Warriors. My Son was really keen on the look of the Tau so it was the easy pick as my 2nd force and will be his army to use against mine at home.

Another really basic colour scheme with a basecoat, one or two highlights and in some cases a wash using Gw's Badab Black. Quick to paint and looks fine enough on the table. Bases done by Phoenix (myoung bloke)

 Hammerhead w/Railgun

 Unit of Fire Warriors

The Army so far including: Battlesuits, Stealth Battlesuits, Fire Warriors and Hammerhead.

I've got another unit of Warriors, a unit of Drones and some Kroot all undercoated and in the que to be painted when i get some more time.

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