Thursday, 22 December 2011

High Elves!

A few shots of my High Elf Army. It's a Nagarythe themed army, based on forces that were in Malekith's command but didn't join him when he turned against his brethren, instead staying loyal to Ulthuan and fighting against him.

This Army was a small force that i picked up from a nice chap in Melbourne and am slowly beginning to add units to (now that i have some more time up my sleeve!) Rick was kind enough to send me through a detailed list of how he painted his units so that i could match mine up and keep the theme going.

 I still have Phoenix Guard, Sea Guard, another Spear Unit and some Shadow Warriors to add, aswell as another 1 or 2 bolt throwers.... I'm also considering some Lion Chariots.

 Army Commander
 Spear Unit flanked by Swordmasters and White Lions
One of two 20 man Archer Units 
 Ellyrian Reavers
 Army Shot (a few units off the table)

Sabot bases will be made for the entire army as I plan on using it for Hostile Realms, Basic Impetus Fantasy as well as Warhammer down at QNK. I've not had much experience with actually playing Warhammer since around 6th edition so i'm kind of looking forward to taking this Army for a spin.

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