Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kings of War - Elves vs Dwarves 650pts

Tonight my Daughter and I played a (roughly) 650 pt game of Kings of War. We kept the lists as simple as possible as we squeezed the game in before dinner. The armies were as follows;

1 Berserker Lord
1 Half-Regt of Berserkers
3 regiments of Ironclad
1 Troop of Ironwatch


1 Elven Prince
1 Regiment of Palace Guard
1 Regiment of Spearmen
2 Troops of Bowmen
1 Troop of Stormwind Cavalry

We decided to play to the last man/unit standing, and after we rolled of initiative my Daughter got us underway.
An Overview of the battlefield. Elves to the Left, Dwarves to the right.
Sienna's Berserker Lord!
Cant have a Berserker Lord without some Berserkers can we??
The Dwarven Ironclads roll forward, slow and steady
The Elven Palace Guard hold the ranks and absorb the Berserkers frenzied charge!
A centre view of the battlefield. As the battle rages on, units begin to accumulate damage.
The Berserker Lord charges the Elven Prince, only one will walk away from this.
The fierce melee rages on!
The Victor! The Berserker Lord absolutely butcher's the Prince. A devastating final attack ends the clash!
The Stormwind Cav smash into the flanks of the Ironclad, wiping them out in a single (well rolled) charge.
The Cavalry follow up with another charge  crashing into the Berserker Lord. He manages to hold strong and route the already battle worn Cav.
Once the Lord turned his attention back toward the Elven lines he knew it was all but over. In that very moment the sky was blackened with arrows, and then silence....


  1. great figures and easy to read games report...well done! also I like the clean table top playing area.. marvelous!