Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kings of War - Elves vs Dwarves II - 800pts

This afternoon we had another game of Kings of War. The Dwarves were out for revenge in this one and decided to bring along a unit of allied Ogres to help the cause! The armies lined up as follows;

1 Elven King
1 Regiment of Spearmen
1 Regiment of Palace Guard
2 Half-Regt Palace Guard
2 Troops of Stormwind Cavalry
1 Bolt Thrower


1 Berserker Lord
1 Army Standard Bearer
1 Half-Regt Berserkers
3 Regiments of Ironclad
1 Half-Regt Ironwatch
1 Troop of Ogre Warriors

The Elven King gives his troops the "Freedom Speech"
 The Ogres Lumber forward

 The Stormwind Cav head out to the flanks, attempting to set-up for a thunderous charge
 The Palace Guard march towards the Dwarven Ironwatch, who stand fast and pepper the Palace Guard with fire, weakening them and bracing for the melee.
The Ogres intercept the Palace Guard, while the Spearmen and Cavalry charge into the Dwarves ranks.
 The fierce brutality of the Ogres is quickly realised as they slay through the Palace Guard Regiment in a single combat 

 Meanwhile on the Right flank the crazed unit Berserkers charge into the oncoming Stormwind Cav

The Berserkers inflict heavy damage on the Cavalry troop but due to a lucky Nerve test of double 1's the Troop fights on to counter-charge the following turn and wipe the Berserkers out.
 After a brutal melee with the Ogre Warriors, the Half-Regt of Palace Guard regroup and make a move towards the damaged Ironwatch. 

 Once the last of the Berserkers had been disposed of the Stormwind make haste and charge into the Berserker Lord himself! In what would be the final turn of the game, the Lord failed a nerve test and flees from the battlefield! 

Another fun game of fantasy. This one could have gone either way really, it was very close once all the push and shove in the centre started. It was only when the Stormwind started to flank the Dwarves started to feel the pressure..  The Ogres really are a menacing bunch, my Daughter wants to use more of them in the next game so we'll be hitting the painting table pretty soon to bolster the ranks.

Also, in the past 2 games we've intentionally left out magic users, but will be including them if desired, moving forward.


  1. Great looking game with beautiful figures, Nate! Love the lion head banner too. I have to look into these rules. Best, Dean

    1. Cheers Dean. It's been great to get a few more games in of late. The rules are simple yet give plenty of depth. Mantic are currently working on a 2nd edition with a few rules tweaks and some new units.

  2. Oh my God! the painted miniatures look awesome! love the Elven King giving his pep (charismatic speech?) talk to his troops before the banners.... Great Photos and game!


    1. Thanks Phil, It really was a great game. And yes, that Elven King was channeling his innner Mel Gibson in that shot!

  3. Great report. Kings of War is a great rules set. Version 2 in July 2015 should only improve it.

    1. Yes, I look forward to the new version. I keep an eye on their blog/website and it seems like the new book will be very cool indeed.