Sunday, 19 October 2014

4pt Saga game: Vikings vs Welsh

Had a 4pt battle against my Brother's Vikings today. This was pretty much my first saga game in well, just about ever.. not counting participation demos.

My Welsh consisted of;

2x 8 Warrior Units
1x 12 Levy Bows

Viking Army config can be found on my Brothers blog; Lucid Gaming
The scenario we played was "Battle at the Ford". Renamed "Battle of Coopers Ford" after the fine Australian Beer supplied on the day!; Coopers Pale Ale.

 I moved the Welsh up to the riverbank to start peppering the Vikings with ranged attacks
 A Unit of Viking Warriors storm the shallows to close the gap on my Levy bowmen.
 A PoV from my warriors as the Viking menace advance on the left.
 The Vikings smash into the brave levies, pushing them back after a devastating assault.
 Crashing into the now exposed Viking flank, my Warlord leads his Hearthguard and takes the viking warriors down.
 The last man standing on my left flank sums up his options... they are dismal
 The Clash of the Warlords.
This melee would end in both Warlords taking a very cinematic dirt nap.

At the end of the day however it was the vikings winning on victory points..mind i didnt have much left to continue the fight anyway. Victory to the Viking Invaders.

Overall it was a blast. A nice fun game with a dash of Beers is always a good mix. I didnt play the Welsh to their strengths and paid for it. I  started to see the battle boards strengths by turn 3 or 4, and in those last few turns, even though I felt the game was already lost, I started to feel more comfortable in my tactics. Very keen to keep at it with the Welsh and look forward to the next time i get to push them round the battlefield. 


  1. Nice report and great looking game.

    1. Thanks Dean,
      keep up the great work on your blog mate, always inspiring.

  2. We'll have to sort out six points for the next one

  3. Nice report, beautiful figures!

    1. Cheers Phil, was heaps of fun. Keen to have another game asap.