Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wings of War - WW1

Still on School holidays here so broke out another family favorite to keep the kids entertained!
Wings of War has long been one of our go to games and deservedly so, its nice streamlined mechanics make for an easy afternoon of fun. We play a simplified version when the kids join in, so only accumulate damage with none of the side effects and ignore altitude etc. Even so it still manages to put a smile on all our faces..Accompanied with the best Biplane engine and machine gun impersonations, Wings of War will be played in this house for many years to come.
 Circling Aces.

 An Albatros darts across the skies!

Here come the Sopwith's

Closing in

Success! The Fokker plummets from the sky


  1. Nice report and great looking planes!

  2. I have had a few games of Wings of War. Very enjoyable!

  3. Sorry for the late visit; nice looking game - in fact, the only air combat game I've played (and enjoyed) is WoW. In fact, I have a starter set still in the box. Dean

  4. Great looking models and game...excellent!