Friday, 18 April 2014

Chaos at the Gates!

I've got a few games of 40K coming up in the next month or two, so decided to pull out the Iron Warriors to see where i'm at. After just recently adding a Helbrute, a predator, a Vindicator and another unit of Chosen, the Army can easily be configured to well over 2000 points. However after perusing the pages of my new codex, there are a number of troops I'm keen to add to my collection and try out. Some for effectiveness, other purely for the badass factor! (read multiple Heldrakes!)

I figured while i had the troops out i'd take a couple of quick snaps.

 Rolling thunder! 

 The Helbrute bringing up the rear, keen to see how he goes on the battlefield!

School Holidays here at the moment which means keeping the kids entertained. Today we rummaged through our bits box's to see what we could work with. I found about 20 Loyalist marines and asked the kids to pick which chapter we should paint them up as; Crimson Fists. Here's a WiP shot, my son undercoated the first 10 and my 7 year old Daughter started the dry brushing, slowly building those blues up.

Will hopefully have these guys finished tomorrow and will start the next 10.

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