Saturday, 6 August 2016

Queensland Northern Knight's: VETR'S SAGA! 6 Point Saga tournament.

Today I went along to Queensland Northern Knights Premier Event for 2016. A fantastic,challenging and fun filled weekend of wargaming. Many systems are at the event such as Kings of War, Warmahordes, Bolt Action, Infinity and of course, Saga! Again, such great event run by the boys at QNK and supported by numerous suppliers across Oz.

As suggested in the title I entered into the 6 Point Saga tournament and took along my Pagan Rus.
The one-day event consisted of three  2 hour rounds.  Each win and each draw having points up for grabs. In case of a tie breaker the lads had a casualty point tracker which ran for the duration of the day.

I managed to battle my way through all 3 rounds undefeated and won the day! I went away with a lovely trophy, and a brand new 4pt Spanish Warband provided by War and Peace Games (thanks guys!)

The victorius Rus with their trophy and prize!

A brief run-down of my games;
In round1 I faced a formidable opponent in Tom, playing a rather intimidating Irish warband in the Sacred Ground scenario. In a tough battle that was slipping away, it was around turn 4 when I used Cold Winds on his brick of shooty Hearthguard, promptly followed with Endless Wastes that turned the tide.
In round 2 I faced (for the first time ever would you believe) a very fast moving Norman army helmed by Peter from QNK In "Clash of the Warlords". I played very defensively using The Great Winter a number of times to get myself into a position to counter-attack his Warlord and Hearthguard who were harrasing my right flank. After clearing his Hearthguard with a unit of Warriors I slammed into his Warlord with a side by side taking the win.
In the 3rd round I faced off with Phoenix and his wall of Anglo-Saxons, again, in the Sacred Ground scenario (roll of for scenarios in rnd 3) After weathering the advance of the Saxons I sent my Hearthguard in side by side with my warlord and chewed through 2 of his big units of warriors. It was then I got out of reach in victory points and took the win,

Here's a few more shots of some of the games today. Thanks again to QNK, War and Peace, and in particular Wayne for being a fantastic T.O.

Cheers for stopping by, Happy Gaming!


  1. Congrats mate! I'll have to try to get along myself next year:).

    1. Cheers! You definitely should, great bunch of blokes.

  2. Congratulations and some great looking games

    1. Thanks Neil! There sure were some lovely warbands being used on the day, very nicely done from banners to basing.

  3. Congrats on the win, and marvelous looking Warbands!

    1. Thank you Dean! Glad you stopped by to check it out.