Sunday, 27 March 2016

INFINITY: OPERATION FLAMESTRIKE - Sagres Orbital Tracking Station; Caledonian Highlanders vs Combined Army 300pts

I played my first full game of Infinity yesterday against my Brothers Combined Army force. It was part of the current online worldwide campaign; Operation Flamestrike. We played the Seize the Antennas mission at 300pts.

 The Cameronian lays down some smoke and cover fire as the 45th Highlanders surge forward!
 My Brothers Combined Army taking up position. I would manage to render this flank useless with some great shooting from my Sniper and Wulver.
 Again on the East, his forces took up position against the Highlanders.

 The full link team of Scots Guard proved too much for the Alien menace as they mowed down another victim, fire squad style!
 A desperate Umbra charges forward into the link team in a last ditch effort to swing the battle into his favor. While he did take out the Missile Launcher Scot it was too little too late as the rest of the link team took him down with swift vengeance.

An overview of our deployment. Ariadna up top and Combined Army down below.

In the end the Caledonian Highlanders would pull through Victorious! 

The final tally of points remaining being;
Caledonian Highlanders - 243
Combined Army - 85

With th Highlanders taking 6 Objective points to the Combined Armies 1.

Fantastic game that ran pretty smoothly. Cant wait for the next one!

(Cheers to the Bro for the pics. I got too into the game and forgot!)

Thanks for looking, happy gaming.


  1. Wow! Great looking game and stunning figures. Well done.

    1. Cheers Dean, the figures are amazingly detailed and make painting a breeze.