Thursday, 23 August 2012

Saxon WIP for Impetus

Today I got a bit more work done on my Saxon army for Impetus.
33 more figures have been mounted onto their 120x60mm bases and have had Pumice applied for texture. Over the weekend I'll add  a few coats of paint,flock and tufts to these guys, which will bring my army nearer to completion. I think once these 3 are complete I'll only have about 4 or 5 units to go!

These 3 units will all be part of the Mercian force led by Athelstan's brother, Edmund.

Photos from the Blackberry.

 Close up of a couple of Saxon Ceorls

Mixed Thegn and Ceorl Unit.


Most of the Figures from this batch are from Crusader Miniatures which are all great sculpts, and a treat to paint.
 Sorry about the photo quality, my phone does its best though in the absence of my Wife's camera.