Tuesday, 7 August 2012

650pts Kings of War

Over the weekend my Son and I had our first game of Kings of War from Mantic. It was a small 650 point battle on the kitchen table with the young bloke playing Skaven to face off against my High Elves.

Kings of War is very well written and a breeze to play, we had the mechanics sorted after the first two turns and only needed to reference for special rules and situations. While it was fast to pick up, and taking into account we had no terrain and very basic units, KoW still gave a good challenge tactics wise and gave a fun game all round. The pup even said it was the best game of fantasy he's ever played!

I can easily say that these will be the go to rules when it comes to Fantasy and I'm looking forward to the next game, on a bigger table, with more of the 'elite' units, and some terrain!

As above, it was a 650 point game and we fought to a conclusion in about an hour and a half. The High elves won the day thanks to the 2 Archer units causing an early route and badgering the Skaven menace throughout the battle.

Heres a few basic snaps of the game, again, my camera is out of action at the moment so these were taken with the smart phone.

After one or two more games and once the rules have completely sunk in, I'll try and post a decent AAR to give a better account of the game and feel for the rules. All in all a fun game and look forward to the next.


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