Sunday, 5 July 2015

6pts Saga; Welsh vs Vikings

Managed to get a game of Saga in today. A 6pt battle against my Brother's menacing Vikings. It was a was a heap of fun and I knew I was in for a good day when I got to deploy first due to having a stunning Beard! 

I tried to use the battleboard to the best of my ability and use the Welsh in a way which I feel was more tactically sound. Last time I faced these Vikings (here) I didnt really stand a chance given my poor tactics. I have a tendency to use a very aggressive playstyle and it's just not how the Welsh should be played. Today as I mentioned, I played them in a much smarter way and used Hit and Run tactics more befitting the Welsh battleboard. While still learning at this point I think my Welsh will become a formidable opponent for whoever dares to challenge them!

The overall result was a victory for me, winning 13 points to 8!

The warbands were roughly as follows;

Mounted Warlord
1 Unit of 8 Mounted Hearthguard
2 Units of 12 Warriors
1 Unit of 12 Levy w/bows

1 Unit of 4 Berserkers
2 Units of 4 Hearthguard
2 Units of 8 Warriors
1 Unit of 12 Levy w/bows

And a few photos from the day. Check out my brothers blog here for a batrep and some more/better pictures.

 A shot of the Warbands before we start.

 Unit of warriors PoV
 Hearthguard, roll out!

 Hearthguard vs Berserkers. After realising how much of a threat these berserkers posed, I needed them gone asap. Lucky for me, I was able to survive an initial attack and pepper them down with javelin!
 Levy just hung on after a crashing attack from the viking warriors. They actually managed to dish up some pain too which was nice!
What may have been.......

A cracking game that has left me keen for more! Cheers.


  1. Great looking game Nate! I haven't played Saga for a while, now I'm keen for a game!

    1. Thanks Rodger! It really is "one of those games".. always hits the spot.

      Stunning photos of Gettysburg and surrounds on your blog too mate, just amazing. While i dont always find time to game I still poke my nose around and see what the fellow bloggers are up to :)

  2. Thanks again for another great game, we'll have to sort out another one soon. Definitely keen to give Flames of War a go

    1. I'll drop a link to my post on this game as well if anyone is interested

    2. Yeah was heaps fun. Very keen for another. I'll see where Im at with my Flames stuff and let you know.