Thursday, 1 January 2015

First Game of 2015! Saxon Dispute.

First game of 2015! Today my Daughter and I rolled out some Saxon's to fight a small territory battle somewhere in England around 920AD.

We used some home made rules which are a bit of a mash up of Kings of War; Viking Age, and Basic Impetus.

We lined up two relatively even armies and had at it. Once the exchange of missile fire had ended, and the opportunity to charge in presented itself, the two Shieldwalls clashed together in a massive roar! After a few turns going toe to toe, my left flank was busted and I was done for..It was a hard fought and bloody victory for Sienna.

An Awesome game to start of the New Year. I'll be going through my hobby area in the next day or so and decide on what projects are on for 2015. I have a bit of on idea on a few but will need to see what i've got sitting around to give me a head start.


  1. Great looking game and a wonderful way to start the new year Nate!

  2. Great way to start off the new year, Nate. Lovely figures and a perfect partner. Happy new year! Dean

  3. Great looking minis...and pictures!