Saturday 10 September 2022

Heraclea Update - Phalangites and Cavalry

I've still been managing to find some time after work each day to chip away at the Heraclea project. I've been working on the Phalanx (closing in on halfway) and some Cavalry this week. All figures are from Victrix and are great to work with. I find Victrix to be so far ahead of the rest when it comes to plastics. From sculpt detail, size, to ease of assembly, these guys pump out great quality figures and I'd genuinely recommend them to anyone who asks.

Still unsure of how I'll base these up and have decided to leave shields out moving forward for the rest of the project and just sort them out at the end. I'll end up using LBM decals for most of em I'd say. Happy with how the project is ticking along.

Cheers, have a great weekend.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Heraclea Update - Successor Elephant

My Uncle gave me this wonderful Elephant from Gripping Beast earlier this year and I finally found the time to assemble and paint it. We are slowly working away at a Battle of Heraclea project at the moment, and with Pyrrhus being pretty damn close to my favorite historical figure, I've gladly taken on that side of things while Gavin cracks on with the Romans.

The Elephant came with a few different tusk and trunk options and arrived in pretty good condition. A small amount of work with Milliput was needed to fix some honeycombing in the resin, but that wasn't really a problem. Overall I'm very happy with it and am in the market for another!

A few finishing touches with the paint remain, and basing... when I finally settle on a plan for that! 

Cheers all, happy gaming.

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Triumph! Later Crusaders

I finished the painting and rebasing of my 15mm 3rd crusade army for use in Triumph!
As mentioned in my previous post, I've based up a scale from the recommended 15mm basing and gone for the 28mm basing instead. I like the look of it a little better and since this will be used at home and not at any tournaments, it'll be sweet!

So, there we are, a full 48 points and a handful of options for Later Crusaders all done and ready to rock.


Friday 7 December 2018

SAGA v2: Irish vs Welsh

I had my niece up for the day today and she brought her Irish warband with her for a game against my Welsh. After flicking through the new Book of Battles, we settled on the Tale of Challenges scenario.
Pretty cool scenario in my opinion. After set-up but before deployment each player gets to issue challenges to their opponent from the table provided in the book. There are 12 challenges all up and each has a x/x point system (ranging from 3's to 8's) where if you fulfil the challenge you get to add x to your total, but if you fail to fulfil the challenge you deduct x from your total. So you need to think very carefully about which challenges you issue because if you fail them, it can swing the game out of reach, even if you were ahead on massacre points.

A 6 point game with the lists as follows:


1x Warlord
1x Priest
3x Mounted Hearthguard
1x Warriors
1x Levy w/bows

1 Warlord
2x Hearthguard
1x Irish Wolfhounds
3x Warriors

crows eye view

 Irish battle line

 Welsh centre

 gotta have faith...

 CHARGE!  ..after peppering with javelins of course..


A fun game finishing up on turn 5 with a decisive victory to my Welsh. Arwen wasn't able to fulfil any of her challenges and I was able to fulfil both of mine adding to an already hefty massacre point score.
I was really impressed with how she went about the game tactically and was even more impressed with how neat her painting has become. A formidable Warlord in the making that will only get even more fierce with more games under the belt. My brother's Vikings better watch out!

Saturday 1 December 2018

Australian SAGA Grand Melee 2018

After frantically painting a few extra Hearthguard models and a Christian Priest, I made the hour long drive down the motorway to take part in the first Australian SAGA Grand Melee using v2 rules, held in Brisbane, Queensland.  A solid day of gaming organised by one of the nicest blokes you'll come across here in the Aussie community, Thomas Hitchen. It was a smoothly run event supported by both War and Peace Games and Gripping Beast.

The day consisted of 4 rounds using 6pt warbands, with a further 2pts in reserve that you could sub in before each round. I've got to say that the new edition is pretty damn awesome!

I took a mainly mounted Welsh warband led by Owain of Strathclyde as follows

1x Owen of Strathclyde
1x Mounted Priest
2x Mounted Hearthguard
1x Warriors
1x Levy w/ bows

1x Mounted Warriors
1x Warriors

A quick recap of the rounds I played;
Round 1 Battle around the Camp Fire: vs Norse Gaels played by Owen. It was a very close game which I lost in the last turn after he managed to take down Owain of Strathclyde.   -loss

Roud 2 The Frozen River: vs Michael and his Vikings led by Ragnar. I managed to get all my warband onto the other side of the river taking minimal loses.   -win

Round 3 Retreat!: vs Dave and his Vikings, again led by Ragnar. The Welsh manoeuvrability proved too much here and came away with the victory and a spot prize for quickest win of the round.   -win

Round 4 Clash of Warlords: vs Greg using Pagan Rus. On the top table and currently second overall. A bit of a bloody affair this one but notched the victory after a well played battle.  - win

So after going 3-1 across the day and accumulating 19 Tournament points and 91 Victory points, I was dubbed "the Northern Raider" and was crowned 2018's Australian Grand Melee Champion!

 Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Australian Grand Champion!

After a fantastic day of gaming I was also extremely proud to accumulate the most points and win the Sportsmanship Award as well. This award is the Henry Parsons Memorial,  which was voted 1-5 after each round by the players to promote fun, gamesmanship and gentlemanly behaviour . It really was a great way to cap off an excellent event with a great bunch of blokes.

Thanks to Tom for sending the photos as I didn't take any on the day.

I look forward to defending the crown next year!

Friday 23 December 2016

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar - El Cid

A few extra shots I took of my El Cid model this morning.

Again, as mentioned in my previous post today, this sculpt is the Bee's knees. Can't wait to storm the tabletop and roll horribly with this guy leading the charge..

Pretty sure Im done painting and sporadically posting for the year so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers to all who've stopped by to check things out this year and all the best for 2017.

Saga Spanish Update #3 - 4 Points Complete!

Done! 4 Points Spanish Warband ready for SAGA: Crescent and Cross

I've hit my amended target to get these guys ready for the tabletop before Christmas. As a little bonus I added in the amazing El Cid figure from Gripping Beast. Its an amazing sculpt by Angel Terol, and is easily one of the best historical miniatures I've had the pleasure of throwing paint at.
The Warband consists of;
8 Caballeros
8 Mounted Jinetes
12 Levies w/ bow.

So here we are, the full 4 points following the mighty Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar into battle!

El Cid.


Keen as a bean to get some games in with these guys while I'm on holidays.