Monday, 14 January 2019

Renegade Armigers.

Finished these blokes off over the weekend too. These two Renegade Armiger's will slot into my Iron Warriors army nicely. They have the range and output capabilities to reach out and touch most targets on the battlefield with great prejudice! 

Looking forward to putting them on the table and see what kind of mischief they can get up to.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Necron Immortals

Got a few more mini's for the Necron army done today in between Dad duty and watching old episodes of Arrested Development.

Five Immortals with Gauss Blasters. I already have ten Tesla Immortals that I use on the regular but these dudes will give me another load out option. Each shine against different foes of course with these bad boys pumping out some -2 AP rounds at good range.

These fit in with my 40k painting method of base, wash, drybrush or highlight to get decent tabletop standard mini's battlefield ready in no time. They are really nice models by the way and If you wanted to go further with them there is some amazing images and armies to be seen out there on the interwebs for inspiration. 

I do have over 2000 points of unbuilt/unpainted Blood Angels in storage that I intend to take some time with once my permanent painting area is set-up later this year.  Ever since I was a kid the Blood Angels have been my number one when it comes to 40k, so I'm really looking forward to taking some time and painting them up as my showpiece army for the universe.  But for the meantime the Necrons and Death Guard models have been a breeze to knock over quickly and a breathe of fresh air.

Bases: Martian Ironearth Texture, Kindleflame drybrush then Carroburg Crimson Wash.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Warhammer 40k - Necrons vs Tyranids

Another game with the Brother saw my Necrons take on his Tyranids in a 1000 point battle. We rolled up the Retrieval Mission from the main rulebook using the Vanguard Strike deployment map. We didn't have a copy of the 2k18 Chapter approved so points values etc. were all pre Chapter Approved.

This was a close game with the Necrons hanging in for the win after weathering the relentless tide of Tyranids. Scoring first blood early and grabbing some key objectives late in the game secured the win for the Mephrit Dynasty!

 The forces size each other up!

 The Overlord preparing his Warriors for the first wave

Timely Reanimation Protocols came in clutch a few times throughout the battle

 The Command barge flanked by his Immortals, Scarab swarms and Deathmarks

Not much left towards the end, the tide has been subdued.... for now

Another good game of 40k and another game towards my 2019 6x6 challenge tally. Really enjoyed this one, It was very close to the last turn.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Age of Sigmar - 1k Beastclaw Raiders vs Khorne Bloodbound

My Brother was up today so we had a nice little intro game of Age of Sigmar. I'd only played a handful before this and it was his first crack. It was a pretty bloody affair with two fairly 'killy' armies out to smack each other around. Christian took charge of the Gore Pilgrims and I rode to battle with the Beastclaw Raiders.

I didn't get a great deal of photo's as we were both referencing books and the app for most of it, but it was an awesome little game with the mortals of Khorne grabbing the win. Blood for the Blood God!

 Huskard charges into the Slaughter Priest and Bloodsecrator

Mournfang rush to their generals aid only to be ambushed by a group of raving Wrathmongers!

Game number one towards my 2019  6x6 Challenge.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Triumph! Later Crusaders

I finished the painting and rebasing of my 15mm 3rd crusade army for use in Triumph!
As mentioned in my previous post, I've based up a scale from the recommended 15mm basing and gone for the 28mm basing instead. I like the look of it a little better and since this will be used at home and not at any tournaments, it'll be sweet!

So, there we are, a full 48 points and a handful of options for Later Crusaders all done and ready to rock.


Sunday, 9 December 2018


I recently purchased Triumph! from the Wargame Vault. After reading through the rules a few times this week I made some time to cut some bases from plasticard and have a few solo play throughs. They seem to be a nice, fast and streamlined set of rules which are very well written and easy to read. The diagrams and tables in the appendix are clear and to the point, which eliminated any confusion or queries I had while testing them out. They played out smoothly with some close results. For a "fast-play" system they seem to have a lot of depth and actually reward a good tactical approach to gameplay. The figure count is low and armies can be done without smashing the budget, which is a huge plus in my book.

I'd actually just purchased some more 15mm 3rd crusades stuff from Legio Heroica that I was going to update my Basic Impetus armies with. This would bring the armies in line with the lists and options in 2.0, but instead I'll be using them to put together two opposing armies for Triumph. All the army lists can be found here and are in various stages of completion, with more added regularly.
There is plenty of flexibly when building your army and the point system is lightweight and uncomplicated. You have a few troop requirements per army but there is plenty of wiggle room and flexibility in the troop choices and min/max options to avoid feeling "cut and paste". You may very well play against the same army but it might not always be the same army.

Now, I've got to say that I really don't like the look of the 40mm frontage and depths recommended by most of the ancients/medieval rules writers for 15's. To me the bases always look so cramped and dated. It's one of the main reasons I was originally drawn towards Impetus and stayed away from any db/x style rulesets for so long. 
In an attempt to get to where I'm happy with how they look I've decided to go with the 60mm frontage and depths that are actually recommended for 28mm figures in the rulebook (which in my opinion are also too small for 28mm figures these days). I'll still use the recommended figure count per base though, as it looks pretty decent once mounted up to the slightly bigger bases.. 

I cut all of the bases here using a Stanley blade on some leftover sheets of high impact plasticard that i'd picked up from Back 2 Base-ix a few moths back. Clearly not laser cut, but they did the job for a the few figureless learner games I played out on the kitchen table. I've already ordered all the 3mm laser cut bases I'll need for both armies from Olympion Games down in the ACT.

Here's the Infantry minis on the 60x20 basing suggested for 28mm heavy foot. I dig the look of them on this size. They just fit better and don't look like they'll topple over in a slight breeze or if I sneezed their direction. A little bit of extra room for some creative basing is never a bad thing either!

The Legio Heroica miniatures are some of the best on the market. Giuseppe is extremely easy to deal with and very accommodating. I've placed a number of orders with him over the years and have never been let down by his service, had an issue with postage costs/times or a problem the actual miniatures themselves. Always a smooth transaction. Order with confidence!

Above is another shot of the mini from the crusaders heavy infantry pack (from Holy land range), picture to show scale/size.

I could just add to my current Impetus armies and use them for Triumph, but I'm a bit over the 8-12 figures per stand that I'd need to carry on with. Besides, a fresh start with low figure count is very appealing, and in the limited experience I've had with the rules so far I can see them becoming my new "go to" for ancients/medieval.

I'd highly recommend picking up the PDF if your interested and giving them a go for yourself. The support is there, the price is right and we all know that as a community we love to hoard rulebooks anyway!

A link to the Triumph forum for those wanting to delve a little deeper.

Friday, 7 December 2018

SAGA v2: Irish vs Welsh

I had my niece up for the day today and she brought her Irish warband with her for a game against my Welsh. After flicking through the new Book of Battles, we settled on the Tale of Challenges scenario.
Pretty cool scenario in my opinion. After set-up but before deployment each player gets to issue challenges to their opponent from the table provided in the book. There are 12 challenges all up and each has a x/x point system (ranging from 3's to 8's) where if you fulfil the challenge you get to add x to your total, but if you fail to fulfil the challenge you deduct x from your total. So you need to think very carefully about which challenges you issue because if you fail them, it can swing the game out of reach, even if you were ahead on massacre points.

A 6 point game with the lists as follows:


1x Warlord
1x Priest
3x Mounted Hearthguard
1x Warriors
1x Levy w/bows

1 Warlord
2x Hearthguard
1x Irish Wolfhounds
3x Warriors

crows eye view

 Irish battle line

 Welsh centre

 gotta have faith...

 CHARGE!  ..after peppering with javelins of course..


A fun game finishing up on turn 5 with a decisive victory to my Welsh. Arwen wasn't able to fulfil any of her challenges and I was able to fulfil both of mine adding to an already hefty massacre point score.
I was really impressed with how she went about the game tactically and was even more impressed with how neat her painting has become. A formidable Warlord in the making that will only get even more fierce with more games under the belt. My brother's Vikings better watch out!