Thursday, 3 January 2019

Death Guard Plague Marines

Today I managed to finish off another seven figures to add Death Guard army for Warhammer 40k. The aim with these guys is to pump them out dark, gritty and quick. A technique that the Death Guard models lend themselves to. It also suits my three and four year old boys as well, less time painting means more time to throw dice at Dad's figures, because that is how you kill them after all...right?
So lots of wash's and a very small amount of highlighting and these blokes are on the table tearing it up for the Lord of Pestilence.

Lighting outside where I paint and take photos was all over the shop today. Sunshine followed by bouts of heavy rain out of nowhere etc. Picture quality may vary, perhaps the Plague Lord is at play here? Very cheeky Grandfather Nurgle…. very cheeky.

The way I do the Bases: 
Stirland Mud Texture over the base leaving some recess's for the pools of rot.
Ushabti Bone Drybrush
Caliban Green in the recess's.
Nurgles Rot layer over the Caliban Green.

A little different from the App but quick and easy.


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