Monday, 5 June 2017

Quick update - Infinity!

I was able to pop in to BrisCon over the May Day long weekend here in Brisbane Queensland. It has grown heaps since last year (which I think was its 1st year) with a bunch more traders, tournaments and demo games present as well. A really well run event in my opinion. I picked up the following mini's to add to my Infinity collection. The Highlanders are for myself and my son chose one of the Aleph starter box's so he can give Infinity a crack too. I've got them undercoated at the moment but with the todays purchase of a new detail brush I'll start painting them in the evenings.

As with my Highlanders before, I think I'll stick pretty close to the studio paint scheme on the Aleph. I think it looks nice and the whites will be a good challenge. I've not painted anything of note in months so hopefully can get back on the horse with this lot.

I also picked up a couple of cheap packets of palm trees I plan to use for a 15mm board I'm working on. more on that in a future post I'm sure.

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