Monday, 17 November 2014

Across the Dead Earth - Post Apoc Skirmish

Played a game of Across the Dead Earth today, which is a Post-Apoc Skirmish game that was funded on Kickstarter. I dont own the rules, both my Uncle and my Brother had backed the project and i had the chance today to meet up for a game. I'm a massive Necromunda fan and took along some of my Goliath figures to create a gang with, I believe they were used as a Savage gang.

A looting Scenario was decided upon and once the counters had been placed we got stuck in.
AtDE has some good mechanics, one I liked a lot was the fact that each player activates and carries out the full turn of one model at a time. Play then passes on to the next player, one model by one, until your whole gang has had their turn. Initiative is then rolled for and around we go again.

The event cards, while not a new idea, made for a great deal of fun! They added some very unexpected and straight up hilarious events to our game. Booby traps, trip wires, Dummies and the like, meant that a back-up plan is always a good idea. Im a big fan of them and the Author has done a great job here. 

 Birds Eye of the battlefield.
 My Brother's crew of misfits
My groups deployment area 
 looting, looting, looting!
My scout hugs the wall and drops a grenade through the murder hole.
 A couple of my Uncles crew, Attempting to Watch and Wait...
My gang leaders RPG soon makes short work of them!

Overall AtDE is a quick, easy to learn set of rules that give a nice fun game. Geared towards running campaigns where character/model development occurs,  managing to kill an oponents model seems rather difficult. In saying that I'm quite alright with how the models are downed and must roll to recover (made slightly easier if you have a medic in your crew). One thing I think i'd like to houserule would be to include some kind of crawl action for a downed model. On one occasion I had my scout live through/survive an attempt on his life while down, this gave me the feeling that the fighter still had some wits and desperation about him....a 1or 2 inch crawl towards cover etc. just feels right and not too counterintuitive to the rulebook.

Again, the game was a good deal of fun and I will be looking to join a campaign if my Brother and Uncle decide to start one. Mind you AtDE works perfectly fine as a pickup game as well. 

Check out an ARR to the game we played today here.

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